Room of the month - rustic elegance

Room of the month: Rustic elegance

This cottage in Palmetto Bluff offers a unique blend of natural beauty and architectural excellence.

This exquisite river cottage, set in Palmetto Bluff’s Moreland Village, beautifully marries the classic charm of traditional architecture with the sleek, clean lines of contemporary design. Conceived and brought to life by Pearce Scott Architects, this tailor-made abode represents the epitome of innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Upon entering, you are welcomed into a haven where the rustic charm of the countryside meets modern sophistication. The interior is a testament to refined taste, featuring wood-beamed ceilings, floors laid with reclaimed wood and walls adorned with the exquisite textures of Phillip Jefferies wallpaper, crafting an ambiance of warmth and elegance. At the heart of the kitchen, a La Cornue stove stands as a symbol of culinary prestige and enduring design.

The collaborative vision of Pearce Scott Architects, Simplified Construction and Simplified Interiors manifests in every aspect of the cottage’s design. From the custom cabinetry to the carefully selected furnishings that epitomize understated luxury, each detail contributes to an environment of sophisticated serenity.

This Palmetto Bluff cottage weaves the rustic allure of the countryside with contemporary elegance, featuring reclaimed wood, Phillip Jefferies wallpaper and a La Cornue stove, embodying sophisticated serenity in every detail.

Rustic kitchen and living room design

Whether relishing a moment of serene solitude by the fireplace or indulging in spirited conversations around the inviting kitchen island, this extraordinary cabin retreat in Palmetto Bluff offers a sanctuary from the mundane rhythms of everyday life.

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