Room of the month: Seamless harmony

This Palmetto Bluff Kitchen Project Redefines Indoor and Outdoor Living

In this month’s Room of the Month feature, we invite you to explore an innovative Palmetto Bluff kitchen project recently completed by Pearce Scott Architects and interior designer Nina Symonds. The idea was to seamlessly extend the main kitchen into a screened porch and outdoor kitchen, creating a harmonious indoor and outdoor living blend.

Early in the project the owners selected a custom, wood-fired pizza oven to anchor the outdoor kitchen. Planning was essential, as the oven had a long lead time, prompting the architects to order it early to integrate it seamlessly into the design.

To celebrate the completion of the project, the owners graciously hosted an open house, inviting Pearce Scott Architects to experience the space they had collectively brought to life. The event’s highlight was an interactive pizza-making session, where everyone had the opportunity to unleash their culinary creativity. 

The owners thoughtfully laid out an array of fresh ingredients in their spacious kitchen, alongside individually packaged pizza doughs ready to be rolled, topped and tossed into the blazing hot pizza oven. As the tantalizing aromas filled the air, laughter and conversation flowed freely, creating an ambiance of warmth and camaraderie.

Pearce Scott Architects succeeded in blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, redefining the concept of harmonious design. With meticulous planning, attention to detail and a focus on fostering connectivity, its staff created a haven where family and friends can come together, share delightful culinary experiences and forge lasting memories.

Bridging spaces With a focus on connectivity, Pearce Scott Architects designed a sliding window between the kitchen and porch, allowing for easy passage of items and providing a gathering spot at the porch’s bar top. This thoughtful design enables interaction between those on the porch and those in the kitchen.

A slice of perfection The Casa 90 36-inch pizza oven, crafted by a renowned father-and-son duo from California, was selected by the owners for its impeccable craftsmanship and ability to accommodate four 12-inch pizzas at a time. The oven was selected at an early stage so that the outdoor kitchen could be designed around it. 

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