Room of the month: Study of intelligence

This award-winning, tech-savy space in Wexford can be controlled by voice or with a touch of a button.

Photo by Trevor Harden

The owner of this Wexford home wanted to have ultimate control over the shading system in his study, allowing him to take advantage of the lovely view of the harbor at a moment’s notice. He wanted a solution that wouldn’t sacrifice the color scheme and architectural style of the room with bulky equipment. To help make his vision a reality, he enlisted the help of Advanced Integrated Controls, a home-automation company in Bluffton. This room was a gold winner in CE Pro’s 2021 Home of the Year Awards.

Made for the shade: AIC exceeded the homeowner’s expectations by installing Lutron Palladiom Shades. Available as a wired or wire-free, battery-operated system, these shades look beautiful from every angle and are designed to be installed without a fascia, pocket or recess in exposed applications. To maintain the design integrity of the space in this retrofit project, AIC surface mounted the shades and used custom-matched brass end caps to complement the study’s beautiful brass fixtures.

Map it out: The integration with the Elan system allowed AIC to create custom event maps, making the system even easier to use. The homeowner will say, ‘Good Morning,’ and the shades will rise up, the news is turned on, and the lights are adjusted to a specific brightness. The seamless integration and beautiful design allow the homeowner to stay focused while using the study, rather than having to take the time to mess with the equipment in the room.

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