Room of the month: The perfect combination


Story by Bailey Gilliam

It’s all in the details. And this beautiful newly built home has gorgeous, carefully selected flooring that will make anyone stop to admire the artistic detail. KPM Flooring worked with the homeowner’s visions, practicality and budget to find the perfect combination of flooring and rugs to create a bright, open space. The floors are glass Thassos, a marble look that is reasonably priced, durable and generally a better choice than marble. The 24×24 tiles were spread throughout the suite for a clean look.

The space was to be completed with 11 different custom-designed, handmade rugs. The designer showed fabrics, discussed design concepts and worked with KPM Flooring to define each room and space. The rugs were designed to punch up each space with these concepts in mind. Each rug added to the floor’s beauty and interest in each room. LL

Stay classy

Contemporary patterns and lush solids give classy comfort to your home. When it comes to size, a few inches make a world of difference between a rug pulling a room together or making it feel disjointed. When in doubt, go with the larger option.

To your lichen

A photo of lichen inspired this particular rug. “A friend posted a pretty picture of lichen, and I thought that would make a great rug,” said KPM owner Kathleen Myers. And because of this beautiful image, the rug had to be of the highest quality.

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