Room of the month: Villa with a view

This living room in Sea Pines offers nearly panoramic views of Harbour Town Golf Links. 

In the heart of golf season, enthusiasts journey by various means to witness the spectacle of the RBC Heritage golf tournament at iconic Harbor Town Golf Links. While some may prefer the convenience of a shuttle ride, and residents nearby might opt for a leisurely bicycle journey, one lucky family will enjoy the unmatched privilege of attending, simply by stepping out their back door.

Situated on Gleneagle Lane in Sea Pines, this charming villa offers seamless access to the tournament and virtually unobstructed views of the No. 2 fairway and green. It’s a front-row seat to golfing excellence. The rental villa was renovated by Beverly Serral and Courtney May of Beverly Serral Properties and BESTNEST with collaboration from Scott Snelgrove of SDS Construction. Guided by the vision to meld the interior with the breathtaking landscape beyond its walls, Serral and her team masterfully achieved harmony. 

“Our goal was to allow the outside to shine in,” Serral said. “One of the great things about being on the Harbour Town course is that it is this glorious shade of green year-round. We complemented the sweeping view outside by using a palette of soft
neutrals of varied textures and natural elements like the solid root cocktail table.”

The design philosophy cleverly plays with contrasts, such as pairing black lacquered dining chairs with a sleek, glossy white table, and punctuating spaces with bold art that captivates and charms. The result? A sanctuary where every glance reveals a meticulously curated sight, yet comfort reigns supreme. This villa is more than a place to stay during Heritage Week — it’s a window to the sublime, offering a unique vantage point where luxury meets the thrill of the game.

To enhance the breathtaking panorama of Harbour Town Golf Links, the BESTNEST design team meticulously selected a palette comprising soft, natural hues enriched with diverse textures and elements derived from nature.

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