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Secret Garden

This Wexford home features a beautifully manicured backyard

Story by Jeremy Grace + Photography by Lisa Staff

LOCAL Life photo editor Lisa Staff stumbled across this stunning garden while on assignment in Wexford. The perfectly manicured landscaping accents the beautiful home with natural elements, from flora and fauna to stonework and water features. It makes for an instantly inviting space for guests.

“When we were looking to buy on Hilton Head Island we originally wanted a home on the ocean,” the homeowner said. “We came close to buying one too, until we saw this home with its gardens. We fell in love!”

To keep the gardens looking their best, the homeowners work closely with Marilyn Mims-Newberry of Carolyn’s Landscaping. “I rely on her knowledge and expertise to help maintain the integrity of the property,” the homeowner said. Take a look around.

Your secret is safe with us!
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