Puréevino Fruit Vinegars

Secret Ingredient: Puréevino Fruit Vinegars

Last year Laconiko launched a line of Puréevino Fruit Vinegars that changed the landscape of the culinary world. The inspiration came from the brand’s Mediterranean Greek heritage and vision to create a raw vinegar that is more like the wine vinegars the family brand has enjoyed for generations. The intent was to blend culinary and mixology, creating an ingredient that can tackle a wide array of flavor conquests. 

Puréevino vinegars are a fresher and healthier Mediterranean-style vinegar made by fusing high-quality Greek dry white wine vinegar, grape must from Italy and crushed fruit. These vinegars come in four fruit-filled flavors: mango, blueberry, strawberry and tangerine. You can purchase them online, but they are also available at Hilton Head Olive Oils & Balsamics, where you can find all four flavors. You can even sample them in the store with tastings every day.

Pro Tip

“They are extremely versatile vinegars used on salads, greens, seafood, chicken and desserts, but most interestingly, they are excellent in cocktails, mocktails and still or sparkling water. It is the hot new trend to infuse drinks with drinkable vinegars, as vinegar has so many health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels, improving cardiovascular and brain health and more. Vinegars are naturally gluten-free and sugar-free, so they are a great addition to beverages.” – Rachel Lively, owner of Le Cookery and Hilton Head Oils & Balsamics 

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