Signature Cocktail: Hilton Head Tea


Each month, LOCAL Life features a must-try signature cocktail from a local establishment. April is the perfect time to enjoy a Hilton Head Tea at Frankie Bones.

Fresh peaches and mangos are infused with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, gin, Don Q rum, Montezuma Gold tequila and triple sec. It’s topped off with sweet and sour and a splash of coke, and served on the rocks.

Hilton Head Tea was created by mixologist Shelly Siefert with golf spectators in mind. It is the perfect beverage to sip after a long day on the course.

“This drink was originally made for the golf masses to sip and savor at the RBC Heritage, and what do ya know? It was a hit!,” Siefert explained. “Refreshing with a Southern tea twist, this cocktail checked all boxes and continues to be a must-have when visiting Frankie Bones.”

There is no better spot to savor the sophisticated beverage than the dark and swanky surroundings of Frankie Bones. After walking through the revolving doors, you are instantly transported to big city restaurants of the early 1960s with decor honoring the Rat Pack era. Complement your spiked tea with “made” meatballs, lobster mac & cheese or the signature 16-ounce, coffee-marinated ribeye. With everything made from scratch, there isn’t a bad choice on the menu.

Signature cocktail – Hilton Head Tea


1 1/2 ounces peach/mango liquor infusion (vodka, rum, triple sec, mango and peach)

2 ounces sour mix

Splash of Coca-Cola

Lemon wedge

Directions Fill hurricane glass with ice. Pour peach/mango liquor infusion, sweet and sour, and shake in large Boston shaker. Pour back into hurricane glass and splash with Coke. Garnish with lemon wedge.

Establishment: Frankie Bones

Mixologist: Shelly Siefert

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