Smashing Pumpkins

Every October, people are drawn to the pull of the pumpkin.

Carvers go to work on their hand-picked gourds, eager to transform them into something spectacularly scary, or just plain spectacular. To inspire our readers, LOCAL Life commissioned eclectic Bluffton artist Amos Hummell to create two unique Halloween decorations. He used paint, shellack, wire, screws, epoxy putty, bric-a-brac, leaves and lots of love to create Gourdy and Gourdeous Gourdvine.

“It only took a couple of hours,” Hummell said. “Of course, it took eight years of training.”

Here is their story:

The Gourdvine Legacy

2004 they washed ashore
Gourdy ‘n’ Gourdeous —
What’s not to adore?
Face like a peach, she glowed on the beach!
With twitching blue eye, out he cried,
“I yam what I yam, please take my hand!”
Thus on that spot unto this today
The Gourdvines thrive, entwined in play