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Space-saving Tips for your Home Gym

Maximize your space with the right equipment.

Gyms are not for everyone. If crowds of people make you nervous or if your toddler makes it difficult to leave the house fear not, it’s completely possible to workout at home and get results. Sure it’s unconventional and requires a good bit of self motivation, but with the right equipment and a little space it can be done. Here are a few things to consider when setting up your own personal torture chamber.


3 Things to Consider

Get a Room.

Choose your space. This may involve your spouse telling you where the space will be. Most people don’t have an empty warehouse at their disposal. So whether you plan on occupying a bonus room or a section of the garage don’t clutter up your area anymore than you have to.

No matter what dark corner you end up in, make it your own. Bright lighting will energize you and mirrors will create an illusion that your space is larger than it is.


Keep it simple. Avoid big, bulky machines that isolate movements and offer little variety. There is no need for a pec deck in your arsenal. Instead stick to equipment that is compact and offers a wide range of exercises like TRX suspension cables. They take up virtually no space and are capable of delivering a full-body workout.

Another space-saving wonder is the adjustable dumbbell. Replace an entire rack of dumbbells with a single set that can range from 5-55 lbs or even 5-90 lbs if you need more. Combine this with a multi-position bench and the possibilities are endless!

A heavy bag is a great addition to any home gym. Nothing eliminates stress like a series of wildly thrown haymakers to a helpless leather sack. There are a number of heavy bag workouts that translate into a full-body workout using your arms, legs and even your core.
Bonus tip: Use the ceiling mount from the TRX cables to hang the bag when in use.

Step Outside.

Save space in your workout area by taking your walks and runs outdoors. Treadmills and ellipticals require a good bit of space and they weigh a ton. We have miles and miles of bike paths and walking trails at our disposal. Also, we happen to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world so take your cardio outside.

Keep these things in mind when considering a home gym and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do in such a small space.

Tools for the ultimate space-saving home gym.

TRX suspension trainers Extremely versatile, user friendly and allow for a wide range of difficulty.

Heavy bag You can legally beat the hell out of this thing… need I say more. (Bonus tip: It can be mounted from the TRX mount)

Boxing gloves If you’re gonna punch something, put these on first. Your knuckles & wrists will thank you.

Bowflex SelectTech DumbbellsPerform an incredible variety of exercises and save some space while you’re at it.

Adjustable bench Use in combination with the dumbbells and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Adjustable kettlebell You can expand up to 50 lbs which is plenty to get you started and will save you a ton of floor space.

Rubber tiles Save your floor and your equipment.