Fashion Shoot on the beach with girl wearing multiple outfits and dancing

Style: 1 piece, 3 ways

Above Image: Available at Outside Hilton Head

All clothing is versatile with the right mindset

Photography: Lisa Staff  Fashion coordinator: Bailey Gilliam  Location: Islanders Beach & the LOCAL Life studio

Whether you’re searching for the perfect capsule wardrobe or trying to hone in on your personal style, you don’t have to shy away from fun clothing pieces. It’s a common misconception that standout and trendy pieces can only be worn a few times, but just because something isn’t considered “basic” for everyone doesn’t mean it can’t be a versatile piece in your closet.

We handpicked our favorite trendy (and timeless) items from local stores and boutiques and styled them in three different ways to show you that the key to finding your personal style and being content with what you wear is to experiment with different outfit varieties.

One outfit styled multiple ways
Available at The Back Door, Spartina 449 and Palmettoes
Outfits styled different ways
Available at Maggie & Me, Kelly Caron Curated and L+B Boutique
Men's clothes styled different ways
Available at Island Child, Southern Tide and John Bayley Clothier

What’s trending in accessories

Everyone knows that the motion of the ocean has long inspired the clothing industry, from billowy silhouettes to waves of ruffles.

But even accessories have caught the coastal rays. Traditional gold and silver jewelry amplified with oceanic colors or swirling patterns is sure to make a splash. Go bold with retro frames, and you’ll be as tantalizing as the thought of an impromptu beach day.

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