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Style: Color Intelligent

Inspired to say the least.

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Pantone 2019 Colors of the Year are more than just inspiring. They are lively, happy, optimistic and empowering. What a perfect word for 2019. Empowering. The executive director of Pantone said that from a psychological perspective, the hotter the colors are, the more empowerment they encourage. That’s a word that has got some play that is really going to show itself in the spring collections. Confident, uplifting, joyful hues, but the undercurrent is empowerment to all of them.

You will find the forecasts dominated by lively hues that are a mix of bright reds and oranges but also consist of mellow tones. Fiesta, Jester Red, Turmeric, Living Coral and Pink Peacock are on the bolder side of the spectrum, where as Pepper Stem, Aspen Gold, Toffee, Sweet Lilac, Sweet Corn and Brown Granite are on the softer side. Enjoy shopping in 2019.

— Roxanne Madere Gilleland


Photography Lisa Staff  Stylist Roxanne Gilleland
Models  Cameron Kriscunas, Jeff Saltarelli, Grace Lawton, Dylan Carter Moore  
Makeup  MariaNoel
Featured Product Elaina Badro brushes and Dior Contour, Brow and Lip Palates

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