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Style: Fashion forecast


Photos by Lisa Staff

Bad weather doesn’t equate to bad outfits. Look your best in any weather with these carefully curated looks from local stores and boutiques. Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered.

Available at The Back Door (left) Kelly Caron Designs (right)

It’s electric

Don’t let lightning steal the show. Electrify the sky with your personality and wardrobe. Let all eyes watch you with fun statement pieces like structured tops, feathered pants or metallic embellished dresses.

Available at Cocoon (hers) Southern Tide (his)

Colors of the wind

Wind can accentuate your look. Opt for flowy dresses to show off your shape. Hats can protect your hair from the elements as long as you make sure they can stay on.

Available at Quiet Storm Surf Shop (hers) Knickers (his)

Fun in the sun

Beat the heat with some bright and fun swimwear. A light T-shirt or a sarong will keep you from baking in the sun while keeping you cool.

Available at Spartina 449 (left) Outside Hilton Head (center) Palmettoes (right)

Rain check

Some of life’s best moments happen in the rain so don’t get caught in a bad outfit. Waterproof fabrics can help shield you from those drops, while soothing color palettes can keep you calm in the storm.

Available at Island Child (kids) John Bayley Clothier (his)

Cloud nine

Enjoy a picturesque day in comfort while sporting bold colors and patterns that match the mood of the day. It’s all rainbows here.


Wanda Gilliam

Local since 2020
What you love about being local: I love all that Hilton Head has to offer: the beach, the weather and the outdoor activities.
Hobbies: Tennis, golf, biking and soaking up the sun.
Favorite weather: Sunny beach weather.
Fun fact: I used to race motocross

Rachel Aquaviva

Local since 2019
What you love about being local: The beautiful scenery, the beaches, getting out on the water and the weather.
Hobbies: Fashion, photography, music and travel.
Favorite weather: Sunny and 75 because it is comfortable and you can do whatever you want outside.
Fun fact: I have an 8-pound Yorkie-poo named Nova.

Aliyah Cooper

Local since 2017
What you love about being local: I love being able to drive to the mountains but enjoy the beach most of the time.
Hobbies: Hanging out with my dog, running and lifting weights.
Favorite weather: Sun, so I can be on the beach.
Fun Fact: I’m a dental assistant in school to be a dental hygienist.

Alan Boatwright

Local since 2010
What you love about being local: I’ve lived here all my life. It’s a loving place to be.
Hobbies: Fishing and hunting with my kids and paddle boarding with my boo.
Favorite weather: Definitely summer for being outside and surfing.
Fun fact: I have two boys that are taller than me and I wear a size 13.

Valentina Vargas 

Local since birth
What you love about being local: I love that you can go the beach whenever you want and there are a lot of things to do.
Hobbies: Playing with my friends, playing lacrosse with my sister and organizing.
Favorite weather: When it’s sunny but it’s not hot like it is right now.
Fun fact: I am really good at piano.

Alexandra Vargas

Local since, not sure!
What you love about being local: I like that it’s a great place and there are lots of places to go.
Hobbies: Walking, playing on the computer and going to the pond and touching donkeys.
Favorite weather: I like when it’s sunny but not hot and not cold. Because when it’s cold, you have to wear a jacket and when it’s hot, you have to wear sunscreen.
Fun fact: I love donkeys.


Photography: Lisa Staff
Fashion editor: Bailey Gilliam
Makeup + Hair: Courtney Marine