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Style: The Fine Art of High Fashion

Visual art and fashion have always been linked. Both art forms construct imaginary worlds, and use a language of style to invigorate beliefs, perceptions and ideas.

To honor our “Collectors” issue, the LOCAL Life style team married decorative art with fine art through a stunning photo shoot at the home of Judy Costello, owner of J Costello Gallery. Costello was the ultimate host, allowing LOCAL Life to showcase a few of her gallery favorites along with artwork from her private collection. Stylist Roxanne Gilleland used the artwork for inspiration while selecting the fun and fashionable outfits from local shops and boutiques. The end result is a celebration of the fine art of high fashion.


Photography Lisa Staff   Stylist Roxanne Gilleland
Models Jessica Golden, Steve Birdwell, Valentina Vargas, Alexandra Cosette Vargas
Makeup MariaNoël, Brooke Wallace   Hair Brooke Wallace
Featured Product Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Volume Spray
Location & Special Thanks Judy Costello and J Costello Gallery