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Style: Love Grows

Mothers, children, flowers, gardens and glamor.

The LOCAL Life style team captured all of those elements and more during a special photo shoot at the beautiful Wexford home of Larry Woodard and Christie LeFrancis.

“Sometimes all the stars line up just right,” stylist Roxanne Gilleland said. “The weather was beautiful, the home and garden were like a dream and we found the perfect mothers and their children that call our lovely island home.”

Local shops and boutiques are filled to the brim with new spring styles. Colors are everywhere and fashionistas are excited about the new season. Check out these fresh, happy and colorful outfit ideas, perfect for your next garden party.

Available at The Back Door and SHOP!
Available at Palmettoes
Available at BIRDIE JAMES and ISLAND CHILD (girls)


Available at Haskins & Co

Refresh your look for the warmer season

Pro Makeup TIPS

1. It’s time to trade in that full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer (make sure it includes SPF). Less is more in the summer months, let your sun-kissed skin shine.
2. Who has time to apply a full face of makeup or pack it all for a quick weekend trip? Utilize three-in-one products. Apply to eyes, lips and even cheeks for a complete look in seconds.
3. Spring cleaning applies to your makeup bag too. While you’re starting to switch to summer shades, give those makeup brushes a good cleaning. This ensures good application and no breakouts.  – Sandra Subaciene

Pro Hair TIPS

1. If you haven’t already, it’s time to go for a spring snip. In winter, not only does the air become dry, but your hair does too. Snipping off the dead ends is the perfect spring refresher.
2. Try dry shampoo for quick texture, volume and soaking up that summertime perspiration. Washing your hair frequently strips it of its natural oils. Just be sure to only spray the roots and hold the can at least 6 inches away from your hair.  – Josephine Bredice

Available at Cocoon and Gigi’s Boutique

Finishing Touches

Complete your look with these stylish accessories from Spartina 449.

(click on gallery thumbnails for larger photo)

Available at KNICKERS (boys) and COPPER PENNY


Photography Lisa Staff  Stylist Roxanne Gilleland 
Models Christie LeFrancis, Muriel Metzger, Jennifer Vargas, Valentina Vargas, Alex Vargas
Hillary Dollenberg , August Dollenberg, Fritzy Dollenberg, Beth P Huth, Winslow Huth

Makeup Sandra Subaciene, Chanel and Gizzel Olivera, Owner of Live Love Spa 843 
Hair Josephine Bredice, Owner of Bredice Beauty 
Landscaping Carolyn’s Landscaping, Inc. 
Location Private residence in Wexford Plantation