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Style: Out of the blue

Photography by Lisa Staff

Blue skies and the deep blue sea mark the dog days of summer here in the Lowcountry. Beat the heat and transition to fall with cool blue tones that mimic the natural beauty of the coast. Start out with these carefully curated looks from local shops and boutiques and head into the wide blue yonder by adding these pieces to your wardrobe. A special thanks to John Kilmer Fine Interiors for allowing LOCAL Life the use of its luxurious showrooms.

Available at Outside Hilton Head (his & hers)

Available at Spartina 449

Available at Knickers


Silvia Pop

Local since 2007
Birthplace: Moldova
What you love most about Moldova: The people, the traditions, the wine, the food, the chocolate candies. We have beautiful places to visit as well. And of course, my family is there.
What you love most about the Lowcountry: This is paradise. We love the beach, we love the shops, we love the restaurants, we love Sea Pines and we love the people. Especially the locals, who are very welcoming and kind.
How many languages do you speak? Five. I speak Romanian, English, Russian, a little bit of French and a little bit of Spanish.
Fun fact: The first time I ever moved away from home was when I came to the U.S. at age 20 and 5,000 miles away from my hometown.

Eugen Pop

Local since 2004
Birthplace: Romania
What you love most about Romania: The food, the people, the mountains – many things.
What you love most about the Lowcountry: The beach, golf, outdoor activities, quiet – it’s the best place to be.
How many languages do you speak? Three fluently: Romanian, Spanish and English.
Fun fact: I love sports and riding my motorcycle.

Michel Jover

Local since 2003
Birthplace: Brazil
What you love most about Brazil: The happiness. The people are happy. They are always laughing. The music is fantastic. The food is fantastic. Their lives are complicated, but they know how to laugh and be happy most of the time.
What you love most about the Lowcountry: There are a lot of foreigners. The internationality is very important. The World Council of Affairs, the symphony, so many good restaurants and the beaches. This gives the island a flavor that you’re not going to find in any other place.
How many languages do you speak? Four well. Portuguese is my first language. Spanish, French and English. My Italian is about 45 percent or more. When I am in Italy, Italians think I am Italian, but it is a lie.
Fun fact: My father was born in Spain, and my mother was born in France. My father fought against Franco, the dictator, in the civil war of Spain and lost. He could not return to Spain or he would be killed. So then came the Second World War; he fought against the Germans, and they got him and put him in a concentration camp in France. He was able to escape. He married my mother during the war. After the war there was no work, so my father moved to Brazil.

Susan Oschner

Local since 1971
Birthplace: Brazil
What you love most about Brazil: The people.
What you love most about the Lowcountry: The nature (I can’t say people again).
How many languages do you speak? Three well, five in total. English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French. German was my first language. My parents were Swiss. Living in Brazil, Portuguese was my second language. English was my third language, which I learned in school.
Fun fact: I represented my lower class in Brazil and gave roses to the Queen of England.


Photography: Lisa Staff
Fashion coordinator: Bailey Gilliam
Location: John Kilmer Fine Interiors