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Style Tips: Celebrating spring with beautiful colors

“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” Anita Krizzan

Kathryn is an internationally known style consultant who recently relocated to Hilton Head Island. She can be reached at [email protected] or visit Makeup & hairstyle by True Beauty by Joanna Marie.

by Kathryn Mademann

Raise your hand if you feel exhausted, out-of-sorts, a bit blah, and tired of the same old wardrobe? What can we do to help ourselves out of this funk? Visualization.

Envision yourself emerging like a butterfly as we come out of our Covid/winter cocoons. By unfolding our wings and incorporating color, we can celebrate spring, sunshine, and Mother Nature through our wardrobe. When thinking how this could help you, first remember that color is emotional, it is visceral, and we react to it. How often do you walk by a beautiful garden or vase of flowers on your table and NOT smile? I am very excited to present the Spring/Summer 2021 color collections. This spring, let’s add beautiful colors to your wardrobe.

Style Tip

When choosing your colors, take the clothing item that is worn around your face such as a shirt, dress, scarf, wrap, or jacket, to see if the colors complement your personal canvas which includes your skin tones, color of your eyes and hair. You’ll find that some colors are not as flattering as others. An easy test to see which colors are best for you is to look in the mirror with the color next to your face. If your skin tones illuminate pink and healthy and the color of your eyes pop, this is a good color for you. If the color casts a gray, jaundice color onto your face or your eyes look flat, it’s not the right color for you. If you are having a difficult time deciding which colors are your personal “Wow” colors, call me. I’ll be glad to help.

Ladies, think of pretty dresses, tops and skirts, and add color to your exercise clothes. It’s an easy, fun pick-me-up to accent your wardrobe with a new colorful handbag and shoes. Gentlemen, this isn’t just for women; I know many men feel stuck as well. By adding a few new items and colors to your wardrobe, it will give you a refreshed feeling. Buy a colorful golf shirt. You never know, it could help your game.

Let’s bloom into spring!