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Style Tips: Romancing at home

Express your daring and fun side on Valentine’s Day

By Kathryn Mademann

Let me talk to you about how our clothes can be part of the intimacy, seduction, and dance during this romantic time spent together. With this feeling of privacy at home, I want to provoke you into thinking about not only your closet, but also how you can express your daring and fun side. Think of romantic colors and pieces that are just a little too sexy to wear in public. We all have things in our closet that haven’t found their purpose yet.

Why is red the denoted color of Valentine’s Day? It is said that it is the color of sexuality, and that red stirs a chemical reaction that can conjure a range of emotions from attraction to passion. Always embrace the colors you feel comfortable in, but if you have not given the color red the tender loving care it deserves, then you should give it a try.

After surveying men to get their perspective on how they would like their Valentine to dress, their feedback is surprisingly similar in that the outfit’s visual is as important as the outfit’s story of seduction and dance. As the evening goes on, they want to be seduced with the “idea” of what there is without seeing the whole “shebang” at the beginning. The nuance of peek-a-boo is a powerful thing. Think of lacey bras, silk camisole or heels. Ultimately, men want their minds to wander and your attire to tease them.

Kathryn is an internationally known style consultant who recently relocated to Hilton Head Island. She can be reached at [email protected] or visit Makeup & hairstyle by True Beauty by Joanna Marie.

Women would love to see their mate dress to attract, with a shared theme of a wandering mind and seduction. Gentlemen, a nice tailored shirt is always flattering. Choose an attractive color (think of blues, whites, and pinks). Hint: Don’t wear your camping shirt or hiking pants! Wear a pair of pants with a modern cut or a dark blue jean. Don’t forget about shoes. For a more relaxed setting, silky or satin loungewear is also very sexy.

Aimer et Romance,