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Style: Unleash your wild side

There was no better fit than the Beaufort County Animal Campus to capture our fashion shoot for this pet-friendly issue.

We hope it not only inspires your wardrobe but maybe your heart, too. There’s lots of kitties, cats, puppies and dogs that could use a forever home and the Beaufort County Animal Campus has a great selection. One of our models, Lily, even took home a kitty after the unconditional love it showed her throughout the fashion shoot. After all, they do say we don’t pick our pets, but our pets choose us.

Available at The Back Door • Adopted!  • Madge, a beautiful 8 month old, 56-pound black shepherd mix was adopted the day after this photo was taken.

LOCAL Life stylist Roxanne Gilleland was on the prowl as she scoured the racks of local shops and boutiques to find these perfect pet-inspired pieces. You don’t have to compromise on style, comfort or trendy looks with this glamorous fashion (and yes, they are all faux).

Available at Palmettoes • Adopted!  • Chicken was adopted by model Lily Perez following this photo shoot.
Available at Gigi’s Boutique and Island Child • Adopt me  • Libby is a 4 month old calico. She is super playful and has a great personality.
Available at Cocoon and Knickers • Adopt me  • Pete is a 2 year old, 16 pound dachshund mix with strong opinions. Adopt me  King is a 10 year old, 51 pound shepherd mix. He is cuddly, affectionate and is ready for long walks.
Available at OUTSIDE HILTON HEAD • House dog  • Norma is a 10 year old, 54 pound boxer mix that is not available. She is too busy making decisions under Franny’s desk.

Finishing touches

Enhance your November look with these stylish and functional accessories.


Photography  Lisa Staff

Stylist  Roxanne Gilleland

Megan Evegan
Roselai Altizer (baby)
Lily Perez
Whitley Deputy

Megan Evegan
Owner of Hair & so on…

Makeup  Wink: Denise Cardenas (Lily’s makeup only)

Location  Beaufort County Animal Campus / Hilton Head Humane Association