Sunday Adventure: Widgeon Point

Story + Photography by Julie Rogers 

Whether it’s walking on the beach or taking a short day-trip, one thing that we always find to be true is you meet some of the nicest people when you’re out enjoying nature.

We recently met one such couple who told us about Widgeon Point, a hidden gem off of Highway 170 in Okatie. They said they had seen some incredible Lowcountry wildlife during their visits there, including bald eagles.

On a beautiful, clear-blue day we took the short drive from Hilton Head Island, and sure enough we were able to spend several hours photographing a pair of bald eagles and their offspring. The area was wonderful, with photographers, dog walkers, cyclists and runners all sharing this amazing space.

We even met several new people who told us about other interesting places we might want to visit. It looks like we’re going to have plenty of new outdoor “adventures” to fill our Sundays. LL

Day trip


Drive time: 32 minutes (24.5 miles) via US-278 at SC-170 E

Travel tips: On Highway 170 towards Beaufort, take the last right-hand turn before the Broad River Bridge. Take a picnic. Bring your dog but mind the gators. Look for (but don’t disturb) the bald eagles in their nest atop a big pine tree next to the parking lot.

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