Surfboard Spotlight

Ride in style with a local shaped, custom board

The Performer Fun shape is a great board for anyone wanting to surf here in the Lowcountry. Every curve and contour is designed for riding the smaller, mushy waves that we typically experience on our beaches. Ranging from a length of 7 feet to 7 feet, 10 inches; think of it as a step down from a traditional longboard, making it easier to handle and control in the water.

This board is an excellent choice for beginners, and more advanced riders will enjoy the increased maneuverability of this design that comes from performance rockers and single to double concave bottom contours. The board is built in the United States, starting with a durable 2 pound polystyrene, or EPS, foam core and finished with Hexcel cloth and an epoxy resin.

How to get one

Head shaper for Charleston-based surf company Shred Season, David Farina, dials these boards to any rider’s vision or specifications. From shape and size to color configurations and glassing, these custom boards are built individually for their rider. After deciding on a model, the exact details of the board are gauged based on your height, weight, experience and local wave.

Details on ordering a custom or used board can be found on