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Take comfort in the latest furniture trends

CEO of Universal Jeff Scheffer shares what’s trending for 2022

Story By Bailey Gilliam + Photos provided by Universal Furniture

In a new world where everything revolves around the home, purchasing the right furniture is more important than ever. Part-time local, Jeff Scheffer, president and CEO of Universal Furniture, shared his thoughts on how the furniture industry is changing and what trends are coming our way in 2022. 

Demand for home furnishings has been ramping up due to the fact that people are in their homes much more often than they used to be. People are working from home, teaching their children from home, shopping from home — and the list goes on.

“The home furnishings business is on fire and frankly shows no signs of slowing,” Scheffer said. “The pandemic has given everyone a new appreciation for their home.”

For many people, gone are the days where employees commuted to meetings in business attire. More and more meetings are done remotely from the comfort of home. Zoom allows for one’s bottom half to be clothed in pajamas while showing the appearance of a put-together top half. Comfort has become a priority. 

“Home furnishings more and more reflect the casual lifestyle we’re all living,” Scheffer said.

Today’s open floor plans rarely include a formal living or dining room — rooms are “lived in” more today than ever. 

“We’re seeing a real surge in performance fabrics,” Scheffer adds, noting the importance to homeowners of being able to easily clean their upholstered furniture.

Texture is also trending. In upholstery, more casual nubby fabrics like boucles are increasing in popularity. Today’s popular wood finishes are lower in sheen than years past, often featuring cerusing on wire-brushed or sandblasted wood surfaces. Lastly, natural materials like wicker and rattan have become popular accent pieces. So while people are finally able to get out of their homes more, we’re not so sure they’ll want to with furniture like this.

Natural materials such as wicker or rattan, and furniture covered in casual fabrics are more comfortable. Performance fabrics are easier to clean.