Take it outside: A livable year-round oasis

Good friends teamed up to create this one-of-a-kind porch in Oldfield.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photos by Keen Eye Marketing

When building this Oldfield home with the help of good friends, Jack and Lisa Borden, Ron Boshaw of Boshaw Residential wanted one word to hold the utmost importance: custom. He didn’t want to build a porch that would be great for everyone, he wanted one that would be perfect for the Bordens. “They spend a lot of time out there, so a lot of our discussions revolved around the outdoor spaces,” said Boshaw. From choosing the oyster-shell tabby on the floor over tile so that the texture would complement the fireplace, to determining the ideal egress to the pool, every detail was pored over. And that attention shows in a space that charms while never competing with the sight of that marsh beyond. “The views in this area are really what it was all about,” he said. Here are the subtle touches that made this space truly one-of-a-kind.

1. Winter wonderland

While the hearth on most outdoor fireplaces raises just inches off the floor, Boshaw raised this one higher because Lisa requested that she be able to sit on it during the winter and warm herself by the fire. 

2. Thread of elegance

The mantel serves as the final thread of a design that carries through the house, with its stain matching not only the grand staircase but also the decorative accent on the kitchen’s range hood.

3. Raising the roof 

The original plans called for a flat ceiling, but Boshaw knew his friends had built this house for the view. He capitalized on it with a vaulted ceiling that added height to the tabby accent wall and sunlight to the entire outdoor living space.

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