Pool with lounge chairs attached to house

Take it outside: Below the surface

This exquisite outdoor oasis is a study in selecting the ideal surface for beauty and longevity.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photo by Lisa Staff

There’s something breathtaking about a space that marries beauty and brains. The space seen here is an ideal example, framing a heavenly ocean view with exquisite stonework by Savannah Surfaces. And while the delicate interplay of neutrals and blues creates a glorious colorscape, look below the surface and you’ll see the true craftsmanship that went into creating this space.

backyard oasis overlooking beach

Hit the deck 

1. Pool deck

The deck is set in what Savannah Surfaces’ Lisa Bakke refers to as “modernized tabby.” While it looks like the classic shell-and-lime that has dominated Lowcountry design for centuries, this version is set in pavers and ideal for a pool deck. “Traditional concrete tabby isn’t exactly a barefoot-friendly surface. Old World Tabby is a porcelain paver, which makes it unique. It is textured to make it non-slip, but it’s much easier to clean and walk on.”

Put a ring on it 

2. Coping

To serve as a slightly darker contrast to the tabby pavers, Bakke and her team ringed the pool with Indiana limestone in natural buff. “They could have run the pavers all the way to the edge of the pool, but they wanted a little more substantial coping,” she said. 

Step right up 

3. Steps

The use of both the tabby and the Indiana limestone on the steps not only created a pleasing two-tone effect, it also serves as a subtle visibility aid to avoid a tripping hazard. “You get this offset which can be nice visually, but it also creates a visual stop which is great from a safety standpoint,” said Bakke.

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