Take it Outside: Effortless appeal

Story by Libby O’Regan + Photo by John McManus

When you “take it outside” of a home like this, your outside is already amazing. Simple and functional are all you really need here. Let this be a lesson to apply to all types of design projects. Are your natural surroundings already providing a beautiful design? Here are three basic tips from Group 3 Designs to use when considering your next outdoor design space.  

How will it be used? Always consider how you will use your space. On the upstairs deck of this oceanfront home, a variety of lounge chairs was essential for guests to soak up the sun. A table for dining with accompanying chairs was placed on the lower deck and arranged close to the grill. Time to eat.

Accent sparingly. Because the view is so magnificent, not a lot of extras are required. Only a few hurricane lanterns and colorful throw pillows are needed to accent the space well. Plus on windy days you are not at risk for broken glass or ceramics.

Choose wisely. Specifying furniture that will withstand the harsh elements of being both oceanfront and a rental is extremely important. Synthetic woven wicker, Sunbrella fabrics and powder-coated metals are known for their durability. 

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