Back Exterior of a home with lots of outdoor porch space behind a lake

Take it outside: Lakeside leisure

This Hampton Hall home’s porches take full advantage of magnificent views.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photos by Kelli Boyd

Set on the grand lake that spills forth from the Hampton Hall clubhouse, this home enjoys one of the finest waterfront spots in the entire community. Ron Boshaw of Boshaw Residential knew that taking advantage of the scenery was paramount. “We knew right away with those views right out on Hampton Hall’s big lake, a lot of the focus was going to be directed outside,” said Boshaw. “So we wanted to create a dynamic space out back.”

Unity in design 

To create a transitional space between the two porches, a lowered roof contrasts the stained cypress of the rooflines in both vaulted ceilings. Painted to match the siding of the house, this space delineates the space while uniting the design. For landscaping, simplicity reigns supreme, particularly when juxtaposed against the breathtaking backdrop of this serene lake. Intricate outdoor embellishments, while tempting, risk overshadowing the natural beauty that captivates the eye.

Built in grill space in outdoor porch with dining table nearby

Grilling in style 

On one of the screened-in porches, a grilling area offers a spot for al fresco views with a side of sumptuous food. The far end of the patio offers more of a conversation spot, with a wide fireplace offering year-round enjoyment. “In both spots, we vaulted the ceilings so you were able to capture views that went all the way to the tree tops,” said Boshaw.

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