Enclosed Patio in Palmetto Bluff

Take it outside: Old meets bold

A fearless blend of old and new creates al fresco amazement at Palmetto Bluff.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photography by Katie Charlotte

In a home built on the simple premise of doing something differently Pearce Scott Architects have crafted a Palmetto Bluff patio that serves as a brilliant example of the subtle touches that can make all the difference.

Palmetto Bluff patio

1. Matching outfits

Set in the same material as the carriage house’s façade as well as the chimney’s, the use of tabby creates a unifying element between exterior spaces.

2. Raise the bar 

Softening the industrial edge, mahogany drink rails add rich texture to the porch’s layered design.

3. Reinventing the ground rules

“They did not want that traditional tabby stucco floor,” said Amanda Denmark with Pearce Scott Architects. “They wanted something with a little bit of an industrial edge.” 

Blue stone tiles created a pop of color, some visual interest and a decided break from the norm.

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