Take it outside: Southern hospitality

Designed with comfort in mind, this screened-in porch keeps the bugs away without taking away from the water views.

Story by Bailey Gilliam + Photos by J. Savage Gibson

A luxurious Lowcountry home just isn’t complete without the perfect porch for backyard barbecues, sweet tea-sipping evenings and other gatherings. Element Construction teamed up with Billy Wood Appliance to create this perfect outdoor oasis in Palmetto Bluff.

Engage the environment

This backyard oasis couldn’t be more perfect. Check out the clean lines of the wood, the cool coastal accents and the high-end appliances. Stylish and comfortable outdoor seating complements a statement fireplace, which houses an outdoor flat-screen television. This project is a prime example of Lowcountry business sharing the love and working together to create a magical space for the homeowner. And in that way they embody the spirit of the hospitable Southerner. “Working with Element Construction in conjunction with the owners always results in beautifully designed spaces that capture the homeowners’ vision,” said Brantley King of Billy Wood Appliance.

Thrill of the grill

Tucked in the corner is a Lynx grill from Billy Wood Appliance. If you’re in the market for the perfect porch grill, this is the one. Not only will you be able to grill steaks at any given moment, but you’ll also have a sleek, high-end appliance that fits into any home design with no problem. 

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