Outdoor porch ideas that blends indoor and outdoors

Take it outside: The essence of openness

Capturing the spirit of outdoor living in Palmetto Bluff.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photos by Bryan Stovall Gallery

Just as Pearce Scott Architects pushed the boundaries of what a Palmetto Bluff home can look and feel like, we are obliged to push the envelope of this, our regular deep dive into a single outdoor space. This home was designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, and as such it offers simply too many spaces for us to pick just one. Here you’ll see how the addition of a few exterior spaces can add an entirely different dimension to a home.

Entrance to elegance 

Angled off of the main entryway, the screened-in porch essentially serves as a de facto spot for greeting guests, as well as a tranquil spot to gaze out at the lake or start a cozy fire.

Path to privacy 

The front entryway incorporates a path that winds around to this spacious rear courtyard, providing a spot for entertaining that offers a sublime sense of privacy.

Open-air brilliance

Set off of the owner’s entrance, the grilling porch incorporates the home’s dedication to sun-lit openness. “This is one of the few homes we’ve designed that incorporated a skylight into the porch ceiling,” said Allison Bonner, architect and co-founder of Pearce Scott Architects. “Overhangs create shadow, and with everything being so bright in the home, this allows more natural light without using exterior lighting.”

Secluded splendor 

Perhaps the strongest endorsement of the home’s dedication to outdoor living comes in this picturesque walled garden off of the primary bedroom. Boasting a water feature and dual citrus trees, it serves as a blissful outdoor oasis.

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