Take it outside: The life of the party

For homeowners who are always planning their next get-together, a stunning outdoor space is key.

Story by Barry Kaufman + Photography by Anne

While the line between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces is often a hard and fast one, with this Palmetto Bluff home it can get a little blurry. And that is very much by design. “Two doors on either side of the fireplace (from the main living room) lead out to the screened-in porch, which is a living area unto itself,” said designer Shell Neely of Kelly Caron Designs. “The idea was that when they had people over to watch football games, those doors stay open and everyone piles onto the sectional to watch the game.”

HOT SEATS: The patio can get a little crowded during games, so Neely had to get creative. “We didn’t have as much seating directly facing the fireplace, so the solution was to put a bar table right behind the sectional, so there are two levels of seating.
YOU WANNA PIZZA ME? Few things go together better than football and pizza, so the Kalamazoo countertop artisan fire pizza oven stays busy all game-day long. The eye-catching tile work on the island carries the home’s colorful aesthetic outside.
KING OF SWING: An entirely separate outdoor area with phantom screens and a wide porch swing adds another dynamic to the entertainment, creating a quiet, more intimate space for get-togethers. Or, put the screens down and open the doors, and there’s that much more room for revelry.

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