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Techies’ Gift Guide: Gadgets for Kids

Smart gifts for the little ones in your life.

Here are nine tech gift ideas that will be sure to bring joy to those lucky techie tots on your list.

The Daredevil: ATOM ELECTRIC H.4 SKATEBOARD Skate up to four miles with a max speed of 9.3 mph on this electric board from Atom Longboards. The maximum recommend rider weight is 155 pounds. $300




The Warrior: GALAXY ZEGA BATTLE TANKS Use an iPhone or iPad to control your ZEGAs as you battle with friends in your living room, office or nearly anywhere. $150




The Creative: CRAYOLA EASY ANIMATION STUDIO Personalize and animate 10 characters. Compatible with most smart devices. $21




The Builder: UBTECH JIMU BUZZBOT/MUTTBOT Build and program your own robots with easy-to-assemble snap-in pieces. Control via Bluetooth and smartphone. $150




The Caregiver: SPIN MASTER LUVABELLA A slightly creepy looking doll with true-to-life facial expressions and personality. Cover her eyes for a game of peek-a-boo, tickle her tummy and toes to make her giggle. $100




REALITY This kid-friendly device will surround you with stunning 360-degree environments so you feel as if you are really there. $29




The Pilot: SPHERO STAR WARS BB-8 DROID Guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet. This droid recognizes and reacts to your voice and records holographic videos. $150




The Princess: DANCE CODE BELLE Create dance routines in an app for Disney’s Belle to perform in real life. Empowers kids to create choreography for the ultimate dance partner. $100




The Intellect: COGNITOYS DINO This Cloud-based, Wi-Fi enabled smart toy engages children in intelligent conversations, plays games, tells stories and more. $60