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The Art of Giving in the Lowcountry

We are a small community, but that has never stopped us from dreaming big and doing big.

Story by Hillary Bryan

The art of giving here in the Lowcountry is a part of our day to-day routine, one that is as normal and natural to our way of life as the ebb and flow of the tides of our coastal waterways. There is no hesitation nor a second thought given to showing an act of kindness or the generosity of sharing time and treasure. It’s a fundamental piece, if you will, of who we are as a community and the backbone of our local pride.

And in no way do we fall short of having an abundance of local pride.

We see it every day in the appreciation we show one another. It comes in simple forms like a smile from a stranger, an exchange in conversation at the checkout line and the willingness to lend a hand when one is needed. And in our biggest times of need like that of Hurricane Matthew, we banded together, took care of our neighbors next door and across the bridge and rejoiced alongside one another when the storm came and went.

That is our Art of Giving in the Lowcountry; that is our local pride.

I have always been impressed by the spirit of giving in our small community. Volunteers who are up at the crack of dawn to set up an event, those that come out on muggy nights to support a cause; and the generous treasure shared with local missions.

But I am as equally impressed by all of those acts of giving that are not mentioned. They are quietly enacted every day much like the slow and easy breeze of our Lowcountry nights and stretch long and wide like our summer days. They are the banding together of local businesses to support one another through collaborations, sounding boards and good old-fashioned, “I will watch the register while you pop out for a coffee,” type relationships.

They are by everyday people who hold doors, give a wave while driving through neighborhoods and share their ideas and skills on their personal time to create a better and stronger Lowcountry for everyone. These are the silent heroes whose praise goes unsung, but never fully forgotten or observed.

We are a small community, but that has never stopped us from dreaming big and doing big. The fabric of our Lowcountry world is an ecosystem that is heavily reliant on each of its moving parts to remain sustainable and allow for continued growth. And while we strive to strengthen and maintain this interconnectivity we must continue to remember one vital component that makes it all possible … the art of giving.

So together let us keep giving to one another through time and appreciation. Invest in each other’s dreams on a local level and every in between. And let us continue to embody our cherished local pride that makes us our strongest selves and our strongest Lowcountry. This is the recipe for the art of giving and I thank each and every one of you for being a part of it and making it our way of local life.