The right knives for the job, with Colleton River chef Robert Wysong

5 blades every kitchen should have.

Colleton River chef Robert WysongFew things are as important to a professional chef, or a home cook, as a good set of knives. They’re an invaluable tool for the daily preparation of your meals, and quality knives are an investment that should last for years, with proper care and maintenance. Here are five knives all chefs should have in their blocks.

Robert Wysong is the executive chef at Colleton River Club. He is a native of Maryland, where he was born and raised by Southerners. For 30 years, he has called the Lowcountry home. The climate, customs and cuisine of the South, especially the Carolinas, have shaped how he lives, works and cooks. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales Charleston.

1. The Chef’s Knife (Shun 8″ Premier Chef’s Knife)

This razor-sharp, comfortable-to-hold kitchen workhorse comes in various sizes. Eight inches is a versatile size for most chefs and cooks.

2. The Paring Knife (Wusthof CutleryClassic 3.5″ Serrated Paring Knife)

This knife is essential for small jobs like slicing small vegetables or berries, peeling fruits and roots.

3. The Carving or Slicing Knife (Dalstrong 12-Inch Shogun)

Useful for slicing meats and roasts, such as turkey, beef or chicken breasts. It cuts cleanly and evenly.

4. The Serrated Bread Knife (Wusthof Gourmet 8-Inch Bread Knife)

Useful for slicing thick breads, pastries and sandwiches. It slices evenly without tearing.

5. The Sharpening Steel (Miyabi Black 9″ Sharpening Steel)

It is as important as the knives you sharpen. Learn to use it carefully and keep it clean.

Bonus: The Vegetable Peeler (Williams Sonoma All-Clad Swivel Peeler)

Underappreciated but very useful in the preparation of vegetables, salads and tree fruits.

Pro tip: Use knife blade guards (Wusthof Pro 5-Piece Blade Guard Set)

They keep your expensive blades safe from knocking around in the drawer. They keep your fingers safe when reaching in the drawer to retrieve your knife. Be sure to put your knives away dry and safely, of course.

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