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The timeless charm of the Deep South’s home design features

Southern elegance

Story by Tasha Esselstein

The Deep South is renowned for its rich history, warm climate and distinctive architectural styles. When it comes to home design in this region, a blend of practicality and elegance shines through. From the iconic wrap-around porches and raised foundations to the classic elements of double-hung windows, shutters, transom windows, high ceilings, open floor plans and screened porches, these features encapsulate the unique charm and functionality of homes in the Deep South. 

Southern hospitality personified

Wrap-around porches

One of the most notable and beloved features of home design in the Deep South is the wrap-around porch. Encircling the home, these expansive verandas offer a shaded retreat from the sun while providing ample space for relaxation, socializing and entertaining. Whether outfitted with rocking chairs, porch swings or outdoor dining sets, wrap-around porches epitomize Southern hospitality. They encourage community engagement, fostering connections with neighbors and creating a welcoming ambiance that invites visitors to sit, sip sweet tea and enjoy the slower pace of Southern life.

Southern home with wrap around porch
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Practicality and protection

Raised foundations

Raised foundations are a hallmark of Deep South architecture. Constructed above ground level, these foundations serve multiple purposes. They offer protection against flooding, which can be a common occurrence in the region, and help keep the home cool by allowing air to circulate underneath. Additionally, raised foundations create an elevated aesthetic, adding visual interest and enhancing the overall charm of the home.

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Timeless elegance

Double-hung windows and shutters

Double-hung windows and shutters are classic features of Deep South home design. Double-hung windows consist of two sashes that can be opened from either the top or bottom, allowing for improved ventilation and airflow. Paired with shutters, which can be functional or decorative, they add a touch of elegance and provide protection against harsh weather conditions. Shutters in the Deep South often feature louvered or paneled designs, adding visual interest to the home’s exterior.

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Openness and grandeur

High ceilings

High ceilings are a prominent feature in Deep South homes, exuding a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. These lofty ceilings not only contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal but also allow for improved air circulation and temperature control. They provide an opportunity for creative interior design, including the installation of impressive light fixtures, artwork and other decorative elements that draw the eye upward.

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Seamless flow and versatility

Open floor plans

Open floor plans have become increasingly popular in home design, and the Deep South embraces this concept wholeheartedly. These layouts remove barriers between rooms, creating a seamless flow and fostering a sense of togetherness and communal living. Open floor plans promote versatility, allowing for flexible use of space and facilitating easy entertaining and socializing.

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Embracing the outdoors

Screened porches

Screened porches are a staple of Southern homes, offering a sanctuary where residents can enjoy the outdoors while being protected from pests and the elements. These covered outdoor spaces extend the living area, providing a comfortable place for relaxation, social gatherings and dining. Equipped with ceiling fans and cozy furnishings, screened porches create a tranquil haven where the sights and sounds of nature can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Bringing light and elegance

Transom windows

Transom windows, typically located above doors or windows, are a distinctive feature in homes of the Deep South. These horizontal windows allow natural light to flow between rooms, creating an airy and well-lit interior. Transom windows can be simple or adorned with decorative glass or intricate designs, adding a touch of elegance and character to the home’s architecture.

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