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These boots are made for walkin’

The first hint of crisp November air signals us to dust off our boots and incorporate them into our wardrobe. Here are a few great boots available at local shops and boutiques. Git along little dogies!

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How to keep your kicks clean!


4 tips to keep your boots looking good and lasting longer

1. Pick cotton
Blisters got you down? Heavy wool socks tend to absorb moisture underneath your fall boots and promote blisters. Opt for a light cotton sock instead.

2. Squeak bye
Don’t get noticed for your noisy boots. If your new pair won’t stop squeaking, take a fine grain sandpaper and rub it against the soles to roughen the rubber and silence your squeaky soles.

3. Easily suede
Let us per-suede you to take good care of your suede boots. It’s all about having the right products. Using a suede eraser gets rid of shiny spots after the fabric has been faded down and then using a suede brush will rebuff the suede and remove dirt.

4. Rise and shine
Just like you need conditioner to keep your hair silky smooth, you should use a leather conditioner to moisturize your leather boots. Try Trask Buffalo Butter, this product will keep your leather shining for many fall seasons to come. Available at Knickers.