Things that Southerners Collect

As someone who lives in the South, you should be collecting something distinctly Lowcountry. Here are a handful of ideas on where to start.

Antique Furniture

A beautiful addition to your home can be expressed through antique furniture. The age of the different pieces add elegance and character and can turn a room into a showplace.


You can time anything on your phone, but a collection of vintage stopwatches is a lot more exciting. They’re small and compact, so you’re able to collect a lot without taking up any space.


There was a Gullah belief that if you hung up spoons on your wall, it would prevent ghosts from reaching you in your sleep. The spirits would be so distracted by their own reflection, they would leave you alone. Whether you believe in ghosts, spoons are still a fun and unique items to collect.

Antique Dishware

Antique dishware is a great way to add some Southern charm into your kitchen and dining room. Not only is it beautiful, it is also practical.

Vintage Advertising

Vintage signage is a wonderful thing to collect because of its uniqueness. Whether you find brands that still exist, or things left in the past, it is an exciting and interesting collection.

Bottle Caps

If you start collecting these, you suddenly have an excuse to drink a whole lot more. Bonus points if you collect enough to create an awesome art piece. Please collect responsibly.

Vintage Tools

Starting a collection of vintage tools will remind you of the good old days when tools were antiquated rather than efficient and ergonomically friendly. They are beautiful and will remind you to be appreciative of modern conveniences.

Cigar Boxes

Whether it’s for holding cigars, trinkets, or another collection, cigar boxes are a cool way to store a lot of smaller things.

Fishing Lures

If you and your pals love to fish, a collection of fishing lures is great to own. They come in all different shapes, styles, and colors, so you’ll never get tired of them.

Coins and Money

While antique coins don’t always have literal money value, they’re excellent items to collect. Each coin has a story about how much it was worth, the time it was used and the people who used it.

Vintage Rifles

A collection of vintage rifles and pistols can be an excellent addition to any man. They’re interesting and intimidating, and if you happen to know the story behind each piece, it’s a great conversation starter.

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