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Time to make a switch?

Shed new light on your light switches

Gone are the days when you turned on the lights by flipping a switch on a yellowing plastic wall -over by the door. We asked the experts at Custom Audio Video to share some ideas that may inspire you to switch out your controls. We say controls because a switch can do so much more now, from lowering blinds to turning on music, and they look so much better.  “A homeowner needs to think of lighting and controls as part of their room design and décor. So much time is put into selecting paint and wall coverings, then an old-school switch is put on the wall detracting from the thoughtful design,” said Custom Audio Video owner Sandy Benson. We hope these ideas shed light on your next design project.

Sleek and sexy

Lutron Pico Keypad

Lutron Pico Keypads combine design with practicality. The small device with pre-engraved icons can be portable or wall mounted.

A stand-out command center

Lutron Grafik T Keypad

The simple, intuitive design of the Lutron Grafik T Keypad sets a new standard for lighting control; simply touch the LED lightbar anywhere to set the lights to that desired level.

An understated command center

Lutron seeTouch Keypad

Available in over 25 finishes, the Lutron seeTouch keypads can perfect the design and look of your home while working seamlessly to control connected devices.