Dutch floral arrangement

Tips to make a Dutch Flower arrangement

What does the Fox say? Go Dutch

This prelude to spring combines imported Dutch fresh-cut flowers, including catkin (aka Dutch pussy willows), Japanese pon pon ranunculus, French tulips, pieris japonica, majolica garden roses and emerald green hydrangeas (the lone Irish flower in this arrangement). According to local floral artist Sean Bishop, owner of Fox and Olive on Mathews Drive, Dutch flowers far exceed the quality and beauty of any other fresh florals because Holland has exceptional growing conditions protected by geothermal greenhouses. Dutch flowers do come at a premium but can last three times longer than other imports. 

Sean’s pro tips for this arrangement

1. Fake it. The yellow forsythia is actually faux and gives the arrangement some added drama.

2. Group it. Cluster the same flowers together to give more impact and interest.

3. Don’t toss it. Keep the cut foliage to add accents, like the tulip leaves spread throughout. 

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