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‘Tis the Season of Giving

This time of year, possibly the best thing you can gift is your support.

Think about people you truly respect, admire and love to be around. How are these individuals connected? I’m guessing it’s not their beauty, their wealth or their accomplishments. I bet it’s the way they give: Generously, selflessly, without expectation of return.

I’m talking about the best of the best of us — the type of person that makes time to help an elderly person change a flat tire in the rain or drops off dinner at the doorstep of a grieving widow. They say “yes” more than they say “no” and ask, “What can I do for you?,” and actually mean it.

The Lowcountry is overflowing with these wonderful people. We dedicate this “Giving” issue to them, because without them, the bright and warm Lowcountry we know and love would be a little darker, colder and less special.

Like we do with all of our main topics each month, we tried to spotlight the many different ways locals give. Some give financially, some give their time while others give their heart — both figuratively and literally (we have a wonderful story of a woman who was given a second chance at life, thanks to a donated heart).

We identify different ways our private communities give, highlight several wonderful nonprofits and charities worthy of your support and reveal the charitable history behind our many local thrift shops.

SMILES PER GALLON Have you seen the LOCAL Life Jeep around town? This month, we rolled up next to Brody Kenneweg, owner of Haskins & Co. (formerly Traveling Chic Boutique). Be sure to follow @LocalLifeSC on Instagram to see all of the #LocalswithaJeep photos.

Speaking of giving, have you completed your holiday shopping? If not, we have some great suggestions for stocking stuffers, presents for children and toys for tweens. For the adults on your list, be sure to check out our “Gifts That Give” guide, which showcases local products that give to charitable causes and organizations.

Other holiday content includes magical Christmas villages, a list of things not to say on Santa’s lap, recipes for treats to leave him on Christmas Eve, ways to contact him, Christmas traditions and holiday safety tips for pet owners. We found an incredible private Christmas tree collection, discovered an awesome collection of rare ornaments and share creative ways to make gifts out of things you find outside. Our fashion spread is tied to the Hilton Head Dance Theatre’s production of “The Nutcracker.” Special thanks to John Carlyle, his team and all of the wonderful people at the Seahawk Cultural Center for making it happen.

Although it’s been said many times and many ways, Merry Christmas to you!
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