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To the Rescue

Read up on these amazing local organizations that strive to help our furry friends live better lives

The Lowcountry is home to many pets, which is why LOCAL Life is highlighting a few of the local organizations that have been going above and beyond to help better the lives of in-need pets. If you are a pet owner or a pet lover, here are some of the ways you can help these organizations keep doing what they’re doing. If you have not visited these rescue shelters, we PAWS-itively recommend visiting.

Hilton Head Humane Association

Kyle & Chopper

History: When the HHHA began in 1976, they only had space to shelter 29 dogs and 15 cats. In 1994 the free feral cat program began including the trapping, inoculating, neutering and releasing of feral cats for no cost. The HHHA incorporated a free spay/neuter program to help avoid low-income residents relinquishing their animals. Today that number has expanded to 2,500 animals being provided shelter and medical help. The HHHA has been voted “Favorite Charitable Organization,” “Readers’ Choice Award as Best Nonprofit Organization” and “Outstanding Organization of the Year”

What makes them unique: The HHA is committed to eliminating euthanasia of all healthy and treatable animals providing them the title of a no-kill shelter. The shelter will go as far as taking animals from overcrowded shelters to save them from euthanasia. To help decrease the number of animals relinquished by their owners the HHA provides counseling.

How you can help: If you are looking to help the HHHA, the shelter is in need of dog food, treats, leashes, dog carriers, cat food, cat beds, cleaning equipment, and office supplies. Visit their website for a full list of needs if you are considering making a donation. Or if you are able adopt a furry friend and change the life of a pet.

Beaufort County Animal Campus

History: This new campus opened in March 2019 and is located in Okatie in a 20,000-square-foot space. The facility includes a spay/neuter clinic as well as an adoption center.


What makes them unique: The organization includes multiple services under one roof normally offered separately by Animal Services and the Humane Association. The public-private partnership with Beaufort County Animal Services has significantly reduced the overpopulation and euthanasia of homeless animals in the area according to Chuck Laine, chairman of the Humane Association Board of Directors.

How you can help: The animal campus is always looking for new volunteers as they are a very important part of the organization. Cleaning tasks include feeding the animals, cleaning their pens and cages, and laundry from 8 a.m.-noon. Socializing includes walking dogs, training and playtime from 1-4 p.m.

Noah’s Ark Rescue 

History: This nonprofit organization in Ridgeland is not a shelter but rather works as an emergency service. They supply emergency medical and surgical needs as well as rehabilitation to abused animals. Their hope is that they help the community become educated on the ethical treatment of animals and as a result, stopping the unnecessary killing of tortured or abused animals.

Jennifer Smith and her gang; Gracie Lou, Riley, Maggie, Hannah, Jasper, Sammy and Daisy.

What makes them unique: Noah’s Ark’s message is about giving abused animals a second chance at finding a loving home. The center provides physical and mental rehab for animals to help prepare them for a new home.

How you can help: All donations to the center are appreciated, donors have the ability to pick which specific animal they want to donate to, if they want to contribute to a certain animal’s healing but are unable to adopt. You also can donate a gift card to the animals or set up a monthly donation amount. However, other than donations, the best way to help is to adopt one of these rescued animals.

Rogue Rescue & Sanctuary 

History: Rogue is a nonprofit organization that receives no government funding. It depends on the generous donations from people like you. Its goal is to save animals that have been forgotten about or abandoned. Euthanasia is only used by this organization when all measures have been taken to relieve suffering and have failed.


What makes them unique: A Petco adoption event is held monthly. People are encouraged to come out and meet the dogs with the hope of inspiring them to adopt.

How you can help: You can make a donation at via PayPal or mail in a check to Rogue Rescue & Sanctuary, PO Box 11, Allendale, SC 29810. If you are looking to donate an item, urgent needs are dog toys, bleach, fly spray, flea & tick prevention, and dog beds to name a few. All forms of contributions are greatly appreciated.

Tabby House


History: This nonprofit organization was founded Dec. 15, 2012, and is dedicated to finding homes for cats in Beaufort County. Tabby House, located in Beaufort, takes in thousands of cats and kittens every year with lots of knowledgeable volunteer staff to care for them.

What makes them unique: The Tabby House lets the cats roam free around the space and people are encouraged to stop by and socialize with them even if they aren’t looking to adopt. Adoption fees have recently dropped from $45 to $25 to help increase adoptions and the location also has free wifi for visitors.

How you can help: The proceeds from the thrift store in the space next door help to pay for the adoption center as county officials have said no more public money will be used to help pay for the adoption center. Locals can purchase from the thrift store, make a direct donation or just stop by to play with the cats if they are looking to help the center.

Palmetto Animal League

History: PAL is a private, non-profit, 501-c-3, no-kill animal rescue organization in Jasper County. PAL first opened its adaption center in 2010 after 8 years of working in the animal foster system pairing abandoned and homeless animals with families.

Hank & Bricks

What makes them unique: Comfort is key at PAL, their mission is to build a community where animals get a second chance at life through a compassionate approach. They do an excellent job at providing a comfortable and stress free environment for the animals to stay while waiting adoption. They also provide events for the community to meet the various animals available for adoption.

How you can help: There are many ways to help PAL continue to help our furry friends.  Either by volunteering at events and at the shelter, or by making a donation. There is wish-list available on the website that highlights animal needs such as food, toys, towels, etc. available at