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Top 10 weather apps


By Ava Gassel

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to predict the upcoming weather. Temperature, radars, forecasts, and even air quality are all available at our fingertips with these apps. Whether you want to know if you should pack a rain jacket, wear pants or shorts or track an approaching hurricane, there is an app for everything.

Dark sky

This is a popular app in the weather world. Offering hyper-local weather, it is a one-stop shop to see what’s going on outside. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, timely notifications for minute-by-minute weather and 24-hour forecasts and customizable widgets for home screens, it’s no wonder the reviews are out of this world.


MyRadar will help users stay on top of local weather conditions. Get ready for hurricane season and expand your weather knowledge with the in-depth aviation data and wind patterns provided.


This app lets users share their real-time weather observations to make sure the information is as up to date as possible.

What the Forecast

This one is relatively simple but good for a laugh. It gives you the temperature, but the delivery is what keeps you checking again and again. The dry humor and sarcasm will endure no matter the weather.

Carrot Weather

With radars, accurate forecasts and sarcastic comments, Carrot Weather has the whole package. Stay up-to-date on local weather alerts and have some fun. Have you ever laughed at a forecast for rain five days in a row?


This app has all of the fixings of a normal weather app, weekly and hourly forecasts, humidity, UV index, and it even offers information on the sun’s and moon’s positions.

Hello Weather

This app is good for visual learners. It has hourly forecasts set in graphs to see the changes in a simple way. It also features radars and customizable icons and widgets for your home screen.

Plume Labs

Air quality is important to pay attention to in a polluted environment and is a vital piece of information for personal health that is often overlooked. Over the past few years, air quality has become more of a public interest. Though not a stand-alone weather app, this app will show real-time air quality updates.

Weather Hi-Def Radar

Supplies information about everything from severe weather, air quality monitoring, tracking fires and lightning strikes to big picture information. It also covers fascinating weather phenomena and can use satellite information to tell you what’s going on in your own backyard.

Weather Underground

This app gives a more analytical view of the weather. It displays the temperature and forecast, dew point, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and more. It also can sync up to a smart home and give energy-saving tips about adjusting your thermostat and light bulbs to the conditions outside the home.