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Top 3 budget travel destinations for 2018

For those looking to travel on the cheap, each of these spots is a fantastic option.

Story by Kevin Oldroyd

2018 is here, and now is the perfect time to take a look at a few of the best budget travel destinations for Lowcountry residents interested in traveling abroad. Some have been known for their low prices for years, while others are just now beginning to emerge as real budget vacation areas. For those looking to travel on the cheap, each of these spots is a fantastic option.

ZAGREB, CROATIA¬†Long overlooked as a travel destination over the more scenic coastal cities, Zagreb is just now beginning to emerge as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. On the surface, Zagreb may appear dull, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find a colorful town filled with life.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Zagreb has some of the best options around. The most well-known place to hike is in Maksimir Park, a 780-acre area filled with numerous lakes and trails. The botanical garden in downtown Zagreb is also a favorite place to enjoy the city’s fresh air. In the heat of summer, head southeast to Lake Jarun where you can find people swimming, playing sports and getting some sun.


La Paz, the highest capital city in the world, has seen a steady rise of tourists over the past decade. However, prices remain low for those looking to visit in 2018. This city is much more than just a stopping point on the way to the Unuyi salt flat. It’s become a popular destination for backpackers around the world, thanks to its affordable prices and a vast range of different activities available.

In recent years, the nightlife in La Paz has become some of the best in South America. Many bars here offer drinks for remarkably low prices, and despite the government ban on serving drinks after 4 a.m., many speakeasies stay open until the early morning hours.


Morocco has been a fantastic budget destination for the past several decades. Cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca have been at the forefront of visitors’ minds, although in more recent years, Essaouira has become one of the most popular cities to visit on a shoestring budget.

Essaouira has maintained the same charm that some travelers feel no longer exists in cities like Marrakesh. Narrow alleyways and colorful buildings are everywhere here, but it’s the cuisine that seems to be Essaouira’s most revered charm. The freshly caught seafood available for only a few dollars is reason enough to list this city as one of the best budget travel destinations in 2018.