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Total Home Makeovers: Expert Advice // Dena Brown

Let your items determine your closet space

Tips by Dena Brown
Dena Brown owns Closets by Design

Advice when considering a closet makeover

• Look at what you own and tailor the design around your items. Thirty shoe shelves look stunning, but if you don’t own a lot of shoes, it will make no sense for you.

• If you often wear dresses, make sure that you have ample “long hang” sections in your space.

• If you are a purse or hat collector, allow for those, either with cubbies or shelving for baskets.

• If you are a taller man with larger feet, make sure you consider that when setting up your adjustable shelving and hanging rods. 12-inch shelves may not be deep enough for your shoes. Go with 16-inch ones.

• I also like to design a “focal wall,” usually at the back side of the closet where someone might like drawers, cabinets or even a counter top for special momentos.

These all sound like simple suggestions but they make the difference on how happy you will be with your new closet when the project is complete.