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Total Home Makeovers: Expert Advice // Kathleen Mayers

Engineered hardwood floors reign supreme.

Story by Kathleen Mayers
Kathleen Mayers is the president of KPM Flooring

Flooring trends these days are wide planks and European Oak. We are seeing less and less trend to distressed unless it is a minimal scraping. Oil finish or a matte finish are still the more popular choices. Color seems to still be grey but with an emphasis on darker colors. Floors with a wide range of shading are gaining appeal.

In our market, engineered hardwood floors still reign supreme. People often fear that these floors are not real due the fact that they are made from layers of hardwood as opposed to one solid piece. Engineered floors are in fact very “real” and are specifically designed for areas of high humidity (can you say Lowcountry?). The layers are constructed in such a manner that the planks are restricted in the amount they can expand and contract. Wider planks are more susceptible to expansion so engineered floors are extremely important for stability. Another concern that often arises with engineered floors is that they cannot be sanded. Many can and, unless you want to change the color of your floors, sanding may not be necessary. You can often refresh the finish with a simple screening and recoating.

We are seeing wood more and more throughout homes. A consistent flooring throughout a home often gives the illusion that a home is larger than it truly may be. Wood is warmer than tile or stone so it is more welcome in bedrooms and living spaces. Carpet is being relegated to bonus rooms or home theaters.