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Total Home Makeovers: Expert Advice // Nancy Schmitz

Make use of underutilized closet space.

Story by Nancy Schmitz
Nancy Schmitz owns Signature Closets of the Low Country

We have all heard it: Time is money, a place for everything & everything in its place. In our lifetime, we spend months of time looking for things we have misplaced. Organized storage space is invaluable in its ability to save you time.

So let’s do something about that. Let’s imagine your master closet. Once you have eliminated clutter, you will find underutilized space. Here are a few suggestions:

Closet Space Tips

Group like things together
• Organizing by color and season allows you to see what you have and quickly make choices.
• Hang or fold like items together (pants, tops, skirts, dresses), continuing to keep like colors together.
• Use adjustable shelves for flexibility. The uniformity will instantly make your closet look neater.

Create zones
• Create spaces for shoes, bags, accessories like jewelry, scarves and belts, gym clothes and swimwear.
• Add a drawer with charging options for all of your devices to hide your cords.
• Use clear storage containers and shelf dividers to easily see what you have.
• If you have room, consider adding an island or ottoman.

Furniture in your closet
• Think about drawers to eliminate a bulky furniture piece in your bedroom.
• Add a rug or favorite picture to bring out your personality.

Add accessories
• Add hooks, tie and belt pull outs, valet bars, an ironing board, pull down features (for tall spaces), jewelry drawers, breathable garment bags for special occasion clothing and laundry hampers.