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Transform an understated space with an accent wall

A splash of color

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Story by Sheila Paz + photo by Mike Ritterbeck

Revitalize your master bathroom with vibrant colors, curated art and dazzling accents. By introducing a bold accent wall, a unique local painting and an eclectic ceiling fixture, this homeowner in Hilton Head Plantation transformed their bathroom from dull to delightful. 

Here are three simple steps to achieve a similar makeover in your own home.

1. Create a focal point with purpose

An accent wall acts as a magnetic focal point in any room, but its impact is contingent on the right choice. Typically the optimal wall is the one directly facing the entrance, greeting visitors with its bold statement. Other strategic locations include the wall behind a bathtub, bookshelf, fireplace or the headboard of your bed. Remember, the chosen room should be relatively understated in its decor — a cluttered space can diminish the accent wall’s dramatic effect.

2. Embrace the depth of darkness

In smaller spaces like this master bathroom, opting for a darker hue like Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore can expand the perceived space. Dark colors naturally recede in our vision, tricking the eye into seeing a more expansive room. This technique not only enlarges the space but also amplifies its brightness. To maintain aesthetic cohesion, pair the accent wall with neutral tones on the surrounding walls. In this instance, Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams created a balanced and harmonious environment.

3. Keep it simple and elegant

While an accent wall can stand boldly on its own, embellishing it with carefully selected decor can enhance its charm. Choose decorations that resonate with the room’s color scheme and overall vibe, avoiding anything too loud or visually overwhelming. This homeowner achieved an elegant equilibrium by incorporating artwork by local artist Pam White, which not only complemented the accent and surrounding walls but also the room’s focal lighting fixture.

Get the look

Replicate the aesthetic of this accent wall using this color scheme. 

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154): A versatile and timeless navy hue, imbued with a classic nautical essence. Its rich depth makes it an ideal choice for creating a striking accent wall, offering a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray (SW 7015): This tranquil light gray acts as the perfect counterpart to the Hale Navy, mirroring the calmness of a serene sky against the deep sea. Repose Gray’s warm undertones and soothing neutrality offer a peaceful backdrop, enhancing the navy’s intensity while creating a cohesive and balanced color scheme.

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