Transform your space into a warm, welcoming haven that’s both refreshing and comforting

Expert advice: Summer refresh

Capture the lively and radiant spirit of summer with zest. Leslie Trenta, owner of Marsh on the May, shares these five tips to mirror the joyful, carefree vibe of the Lowcountry’s warmer months. Convert your home into a relaxing and invigorating summer sanctuary with these items and additional coordinating pieces at Marsh on the May boutique in Bluffton.

1. Conceal with elegance

Refine your living area by stowing your TV remote in a sophisticated Southern Tribute guest-towel box. This chic storage solution keeps clutter at bay while enhancing the decor with an added dash of elegance, ensuring your remote is both stylishly concealed and easily accessible.

2. Illuminate with style

Brighten your summer setup with a Blue Chain Matchbox cover, featuring the tranquil haint blue — a signature Lowcountry hue. This eye-catching piece not only upgrades your matchbox cover but also seamlessly integrates into and uplifts your existing decor.

3. Fresh and vibrant

Easily refresh any room with the natural beauty of fresh flowers. Elevate your floral arrangement with a striking cachepot and coordinating acrylic coasters, adding a layer of sophistication and a burst of color that enhances the overall charm of your space.

4. Triple impact upgrade

Revamp your space with a trio of cozy additions: a plush new pillow, a soft throw and a vibrant rug. This simple yet effective combination introduces a splash of color and texture, revitalizing your environment and fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere.

5. Playful and bright

Add a dose of fun to your decor with a colorful, floral Lauren Dunn Acrylic piece. Its lively hues and playful design are sure to instantly brighten your room and lift your spirits, perfectly capturing the essence of summer fun.

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