Transforming homes with unique tile applications

Unconventional elegance

In interior design we continually seek ways to re-imagine our spaces, infuse our personalities and enhance our homes’ beauty and functionality. Small details and unique approaches can transform a room from commonplace to extraordinary. One such detail is tile, which can serve as a design powerhouse, introducing color, pattern, texture and even a touch of luxury to any space. We asked the interior sales team at Savannah Surfaces to share five ways to incorporate tile into your home design. Embark on a journey of reimagining your home through the versatility of tile.

1. Layered design

Don’t shy away from blending different materials. A bespoke blend of colors imparts warmth and depth. The juxtaposition of rustic designs with a classic marble back splash offers a layered look, enriching the texture and character of your space.

©Stone Impressions, Amanda Doucette

2. Budget-friendly range wall

Desiring an intricate pattern without straining your budget? Consider combining cost-effective subway tile with a premium artisan tile in a specific area of your kitchen. For instance the area above the range could provide an ideal backdrop for the design that best reflects your style.

©Stone Impressions, Amanda Doucette

3. Wainscot with a twist

Applying tile to wainscot your bathroom infuses a conventional aesthetic with fresh charm, elevating your space. Enhance it further with an intricate mosaic on top, adding an attractive, luxurious element.

©Architetto Angolo Calacatta by AKDO, Marco Ricca

4. Wallpaper re-imagined

Swap out conventional wallpaper for patterned tile or a custom mosaic. This innovative approach not only adds visual intrigue but ensures durability. Stone or ceramic tiles are waterproof and easy to clean, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Willow, a hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in polished Celeste, Verde Luna, Travertine Noce, Topax Onyx, Chartreuse.
©New Ravenna

5. Unexpected applications

The versatility of tile opens up creative possibilities. By incorporating tiles beyond the traditional kitchen and bath settings, you can fashion spaces that are truly representative of your personal style.

Built-in bench with throw pillows and shearling
©Sonoma Tilemakers

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