TV time: How to hang a screen

Raise your hand if your television is mounted above your fireplace. If it is, you are not alone as that placement is very common. After all, the fireplace is often the focal point of a room: it looks symmetrical, and the furniture is probably in front of the fireplace already. However, over the fireplace is often the worst place to hang a television. It is usually too high, the TV may not be angled correctly, and your set could be harmed by the fireplace’s heat. This television guide should help with the general distance for most sizes of televisions.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

1. Mounting methods: Modern TV mounts and brackets let you hang your TV flush to the wall in order to take up less space.

2. Measurement: Remember that TV screen dimensions are measured diagonally, not side to side. A couple of inches bigger can cover a lot more real estate on the wall.

3. Curve vs. flat:  Like every fad, it comes and goes. Curved televisions present more challenges than benefits, such as premium price, hard assembly, glare and limited mounting options.

4. Go big or go home: The biggest regret of TV buyers is that they went too small. Go up one more size than you think for the best watching experience.

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