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Unlock the powers of international flowers


Story by Elizabeth Howard

Flowers come in thousands of different shapes, sizes and colors and are grown around the world. They make great gifts, can brighten up any room, and they can smell terrific. Despite the vast variety of greenery and flora, there are a few universal guidelines to keep them looking fresh and prolonging their longevity once they are cut and placed in a vase. Fox & Olive on Hilton Head sources directly from local farmers and global growers. It also excels at procuring popular international flowers and shared with LOCAL Life how it extends the life of beautiful bouquets and arrangements.


Lilacs have become a popular flower due to their symbolization and beauty. Along with their lovely color and special blooms, they symbolize spring and new beginnings because they have one of the earliest bloom times. Lilacs are native to southeastern Europe but are now grown in many parts of the world.


Roses have been desired for a long time with their gorgeous shape and strong floral scent. They are also popular because they are often used for romantic occasions. Roses will thrive when grown in warmer climates. Ecuador produces prized roses due to the high altitude and proximity to the equator.


Orchids are appreciated and purchased by many for their exotic and unique look. Their stems are long with the detailed petals growing on top of them. They are dated back as far as 500 BC in China, Greece and Rome. The only places where these unique flowers have not been found are the frozen ice fields of Antarctica.


Tulips have become incredibly popular around the springtime as they are blooming into their beautiful shape and colors. There are a variety of colors of this flower which grows in many different regions. Holland is most known for growing bulb flowers, such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.


Sunflowers are widely known and appreciated for their shape, color, meaning and use in art, most notably by Vincent Van Gogh. They are native to North and South America, and have become a popular gift. The sunflower is also the national flower of Ukraine.

Fox & Olive’s 5 tips for keeping your flowers in the best shape:

1. Change your water every day.
2. Give the vase a good scrub and put fresh water into the vase to give your flowers a better chance at staying alive longer.
3. Shorter stem flowers last longer than longer stems because they pull in water faster.
4. Keep your flowers away from fruits and vegetables. They emit ethylene gas that is toxic to your flowers.
5. Prune your flowers when necessary. As a flower bud dies, pick it off. It is important to remove these pieces, as they will just bring in more rot and mold if they stay there.

Fox & Olive’s 3 tips for arranging your flowers:

1. Pick the container that fits the flower. Selecting the correct container that supports the lengths of the stems will help keep the bouquet alive longer and make your bouquet look more beautiful.
2. Consider combining only three different types of flowers together in your arrangement. By limiting the arrangement to three various flowers, it helps show off the true beauty of each individual flower rather than clustering too many kinds together.
3. Think about color grouping; it will complement the arrangement itself and be more eye-catching.

Fox & Olive works with a small list of carefully chosen producers, sources the freshest hothouse blooms, wildflowers and seasonal greenery and displays them in custom pottery and glassware, catering to customers for gatherings, weddings, corporate and special events. It also offers weekly, biweekly and monthly floral programs where customers receive a designer’s choice of beautiful arrangements. They also service gatherings and special events. Learn more at